The key benefits for Pet retailers

Pet Industry Specific Platform

PawsEco is a platform built by a pet retailer for pet retailers, that really understand the needs and wants of the industry

Advanced Intelligent Reporting

PawsEco provides detailed reporting that’s customisable so it makes it easy for you to make the best decision for your business

Easy To Use Advanced Tools

With advanced tools that work across various devices. PawsEco is designed to be easy to use and features a powerful marketplace for product ordering, customer and pet data management, and much more.

Grow And Scale With Ease

Growing your business shouldn’t be a pain. PawsEco is designed to be the most economical way to scale up. At PawsEco, we believe in continuous growth and improvement, so you can be assured that you will be getting the best features to make running your business a breeze.

Powerful Unique-to-PawsEco features

Now with just a click you can access to an entire library of pet retail products. So to simple add new items into your Point Of Sale or even accessing the market place to search for a new product or supplier are simple with PawsEco

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Now you can access your business 24/7 on any device. More importantly, PawsEco also gives you support from people who understand the pet industry because we also work in the pet industry

Connected Purchasing Power

As part of the PawsEco platform you’ll get access to our connected purchasing power. This gives you the ability to get better rates when purchasing from wholesalers so you can start to compete with the bigger chains. So meaning increased profit margins and the capability to negotiate your buying terms.

Point Of Sale

User Account
Create user accounts to track sales and restrict what users can see and do.

Cloud Based
Access your POS from anywhere.

Custom Receipts
Customise your receipts with your company logo and details. Option to email or print receipt.

Discounts & Notes
Add discounts on specific line item or the entire sale.

Purchase History
View your customer purchase history without having to leave your POS.

Customer and Pet Search
Search for customers or pets easily from within your POS

Inventory Management

Central Product Database
PawsEco gives you access to thousands of products in our Central Product Database, making it a breeze to add new products into your POS

Our built-in marketplace has thousands of products and many suppliers. It is simple and efficient to search for products and place an order on the same platform. Import your orders into your POS effortlessly.

Inventory Count

Manage your product pricing and discounts across all your products and channels.

Inventory Control
Manage your stocks to help you make better decisions about your inventory and orders

Bundle products together to create packages or gift baskets for promotions. COMING SOON!

Products and Variants
Add new products that are not in the database with product variants like colour, sizes, designs, etc.

Client / Pet Profiles

Customer Profile
Customer information in one place, whether they shop in store, online or both. More importantly, their pet details.

Pet Profile
Pet Information in one place, from the food they eat, their behaviour, their favourite treat, their allergies and medical history, their summer groom and winter groom details, all the information you need to provide the best customer service to your customer and their pet.

Easy import of your customer list
PawsEco is built to give you more time for what matters, so importing your customer list is easy with CSV upload. And don’t worry if you have never done this, we are always to help!

Central Database
Manage your customers across all channels with a single customer list.

Customer History
View customer purchase history, loyalty, communications, future and past bookings and appointments, account balances and much more

Communication History
PawsEco is more than just a Point Of Sales system, it is also a powerful CRM tool. View communication with customers, online and in store appointments, and much more.

Financial Integration

PawsEco is integrated with Paypal for payment. More payment options COMING SOON

If you have a preferred payment processor, you do not have to switch to receive payments on PawsEco.baskets for promotions. COMING SOON

Integrated E-Commerce

Setting up your online store with just a click. There is no need to set up your online store and go through the tedious process of adding products. PawsEco will allow you to select the products you want to sell online from your list of products in your Point Of Sale and it also allows you separate prices for your brick and mortar vs your online store. COMING SOON

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